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Ray graduated from John Bastyr University 1983 with a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine degree. He completed two years of residency at National College of Naturopathic Medicine with a focus on psychologicaI naturopathic medicine. Ray was trained in Gestalt practice by Dick Price (cofounder Esalen Institute). He was also trained as body worker Touch for Health/Massage, and completed a five year teacher training at Corelight as a Psychospiritual minister, nondual training for teachers and therapists.

He is the Founder of Opening To Life, a health and wellness collective, clinic and community space. He is currently President of Naturopathic Psychospiritual Collaborative.

Opening to Life

What is Psychospiritual Medicine?





As a naturopathic physician, I facilitate people in achieving robust health. I strive to identify causative factors and facilitate people in their inner journies.

To discover, obtain and live healthfully. As we strive to live to our fullest potential, we encounter challenges which offer opportunities of growth and evolution.

Through the of patterns of imbalance we display, we are given a window into that which we can nourish, balance and activate in achieving our desired life goals.

As a licensed physician of 23 years (National College of Naturopathic Medicine), I have come to understand that true healing comes from within and that my role is to support this process. Of self discovery and….Through pattern recognition, homeopathy, botanical medicine, food therapies, and council, I facilitate people in growth, life and health.

As a mother, wife, teacher and student of life I respect the unique road of each person and strive to support my patient’s in their lives, transitions and transformations. I work with all men, women and children of all ages in the chosen agreed upon capacity. I work collaboratively with other healthcare colleagues of many traditions utilizing “it takes a whole village to raise a child “ approach to health.

I live beautiful rural Scholls with my husband, co-creator and life partner, Mitchell Bebel Stargrove. I am the mother of three extraordinary children, Raphael, Tara and Sage, and grandmother of the brightest light, Henry Luis.

A WellSpring of Natural Health, PC

What is Psychospiritual Medicine?



Dr. Hilary Farberow Stuart graduated from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in 1987 as a Naturopathic Physician.  She has specialized in the psycho-spiritual treatment of physical disease, and over the past 27 years in practice has developed a system which allows for the understanding and exploration of the human being beyond the physical body, through a multi-level model.  She calls this system “Wholehearted Healing”.  Past areas of study include a BA in Psychology, completion of all levels of Healing From the Body Level Up, NLP and other forms of Energy Psychology, as well as training in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Cranial Sacral Therapy, and completion of Enneagram graduate study.  A graduate of the Teacher Training course from Corelight with Leslie Temple-Thurston, and a coach in Radiant Mind with Peter Fenner, Ph.D. she completed the Nondual Training for Teachers and Therapists course and has helped to lead further courses in Nondual Awareness.  Currently on the Board of the Center for Nondual Awareness, Dr. Farberow Stuart is also co-founding member and on the Board of the Naturopathic Psychospiritual Collaborative.  Dr. Farberow Stuart has lectured on numerous topics, most recently at the Canadian Association for Integrative Energy Therapeutics.  In Portland, she works in private practice and teaches “Wholehearted Healing, a Map of the Human System”, which charts the territory through and beyond the appearance of illness, allowing for navigation through all levels of the human system, for the purpose of discovery, understanding, and healing.

Whole Hearted Healing

What is Psychospiritual Medicine?




Jim Massey is a naturopathic doctor that graduated from NCNM in 1985. In 1972 Jim graduated from the University of Maryland with degree in Business Administration majoring in accounting. Jim was drafted into the U.S.Army in June of 1966, completed Officer Candidate School in 1967 and was Honorably discharged after achieving the rank of first lieutenant (captain in the US Army Reserves).

In June of 1975 Jim founded the first heath food store in Durham, North Carolina, named Beautiful Day Natural Foods. In 1978 Jim went back to take the necessary coursework for attending medical school. In 1980 Jim sold his health food store and moved to Portland to attend NCNM.

After graduation from NCNM, Jim returned to North Carolina with his wife Karen and their four children. In June of 1985, Jim started Lifeworks Family Health Clinic first in Durham, North Carolina and then another clinic in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. He was the first Naturopathic doctor to practice in the research triangle area. While practicing in North Carolina, Jim became the President of the NC Naturopathic state association, serving 3 years. In 1992 Jim served on the board of the AANP for 3 years as their public affairs and state licensing boards. In 1995 Jim became a charter member and graduate of the College of Family Medicine program.

In 1995, while practicing in Durango, Colorado, Jim founded Mountain Peak Nutritionals , a supplement company that features condition specific formulas®. The company has continued to evolve and grow and in 2002 Jim and Karen returned to Portland, to further their work at Mountain Peak Nutritionals and return to the great northwest.

Jim has always integrated the mind/body relationship throughout his clinical practice work. In 2013 Jim met with fellow like-minded ND’s and together they founded the Naturopathic Psychospiritual Collaborative, a non-profit Oregon registered corporation.

Mountain Peak Nutritionals

What is Psychospiritual Medicine?



Carlo Calabrese, ND MPH, focuses his practice at the Center for Natural Medicine in Portland on naturopathic psychological medicine and where he integrated treatment with biological and psychosocial perspectives.  He provides support for those facing challenges related to mood, attention and judgment, social functioning, making desired lifestyle changes and considering important health decisions and chronic health problems that have been treatment-resistant.

His practice is based in his experience in clinical research.  He has been performing and publishing studies in natural medicine for 25 years, including clinical trials and observational research in nutrients, botanicals, and complex CAM practices for a variety of conditions. Early in his career, he was the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians’ first Physician of the Year for leading the team that established national educational accreditation for naturopathic doctors.  He has been the Director of National College of Naturopathic Medicine’s Portland teaching clinic and its Dean of Clinical Education. He was a founder and co-director of the Bastyr U. Research Institute and authored the first successful applications for an NIH grant to a naturopathic institution. He developed the first basic sciences laboratory and the first research clinical facility at a complementary medicine institution. While a Senior Investigator at NCNM’s Helfgott Research Institute, he served on the National Institute of Health’s Advisory Council for Complementary & Alternative Medicine and on the NCCAM Data and Safety Monitoring Board and was co-principal in the Naturopathic Medical Research Agenda during 2002-5.  In 2009, he initiated the Naturopathic Physicians Research Network and then was the Executive Director of the Naturopathic Physicians Research Institute where he remains on the Board.  He is a Visiting Research Professor at NCNM and Affiliate Associate Professor in the Dept of Neurology at OHSU and maintains a small research portfolio.  He received a BA from NYU, his ND degree from NCNM and a Master’s in Public Health (Health Services) from University of Washington.  His experiences as a father and grandfather, husband, worker, traveler, grateful student of many and proud mentor to a few, are the foundation of his development.

Dr. Calabrese has attended to medical issues of health and consciousness for over 35 years and has sharpened his focus from general scientific questions to the life journeys of individuals—a renewed way of meaning and enjoyment for him.  Besides his practice, he is currently the Behavioral Health Integration Project manager at CNM, working to improve comprehensive care in a certified patient-centered primary care home.

 Center for Natural Medicine

What is Psychospiritual Medicine?



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